Ceiling Fans

Where wall space is tight or at a premium, fitting an extraction system drawing air from the ceiling is the convenient and secure solution. Whats more, ducted ceiling extract systems free you to position the unit for maximum benefit.



CX10 Fans

CMF Fans

PX Fans

For extracting into ceiling
Can be ducted for 2.5m, 200mm flex
250mm dia blade
350mm dia Grille

CMF range for ducting to external walls
CMF171, CMF241, CMF271
Extract only
CMF171: 63m³/hr, CMF241: 146m³/hr
CMF271: 282m³/hr

PX6, 9 & 12 Commercial Ceiling Mount
PX9 & 12 are reversible for intake and extraction
PX6: 246m³/hr, PX9: 790m³/hr
PX12: 1712m³/hr

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XX100 Fans

For Small areas – 10m³
Ceiling Mount
No wall duct or shutter
Cover Size: 165 x 155mm

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